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About Us

Cookley and Walpole Parish Council meets at 7.15 for 7.30 pm in Walpole Pavilion, usually on the 3rd Tuesday of every month except August and December. Members of the public are warmly welcome to attend these meetings which open with a public forum where residents can ask questions, chat to councillors or air their views on local matters that may concern them. Once the Council meeting is underway, residents may remain but not participate (unless invited to by the Council for some reason). The present Councillors, some elected and some co-opted, but all working on behalf of local residents and their interests, are:

Luke Andrews Cookley  
Robert Chase Cookley Road Safety
Christopher Leggett Walpole  
Jonathan Lewis Walpole  
Zoé Mair Walpole Chairman
Chris Northover Cookley Trees
Michael Porter Walpole Highways
John Winter Cookley Emergency Planning & Footpaths

There are currently 4 vacancies on the Parish Council, 1 for the Parish of Cookley and 3 for the Parish of Walpole.

A typical agenda covers Planning, Finance, Highways, Footpaths, the Environment, Trees and hedgerows, the Cemetery, reports from local groups (eg Cookpole Energy Action).

Please contact our Parish Clerk, Paul Widdowson, if you wish to bring any issue to the attention of your parish council or indeed if you are interested in becoming a councillor yourself.


Paul Widdowson,
69 Dukes Drive,
HalesworthIP19 8DR
Tel: 01986 872114